Sensory Sessions are informal gatherings held at the S(tree)twork Lightning House hosted by woodworkers, artists, musicians, sound artists, birders, arborists, soil ecologists, printmakers, poets, writers, and other kindred spirits that attune our perceptions to the dense interrelations a forest can present.

When we slow down the pace of inquiry and allow for the emergence of the unknown, we attend to the unheard, the invisible and the hidden. By tuning into different senses, and alternate ways of knowing, we ask what modes of coexistence can be amplified and what tools we should use to transmit our findings.

Sensory Sessions can be hands-on workshops, listening sessions, performances, and other multi-sensory experiences. Surprise us!

If you would like to host a session please contact us at [email protected]


Please note that Awbury Arboretum has two main sections divided by Washington Lane. The S(tree)twork structure will be built on the ruin of a former barn located in the Farm at Awbury portion. The site is located near Washington Lane. If you are arriving via car, the best location for parking is on Ardleigh Street.